Thursday, November 9, 2017

The New Addition to True Cut Tree Care - The Teupen Lift!

True Cut Tree Care has been at the top of the tree industry game here in the Metro Detroit area for some time now, recently expanding to the Milford area, and every year adding and changing equipment to keep up with today's standards. Although True Cut is a small, 2nd generation tree climber owned business, the company has managed to be one of the most trusted in the area. In order to achieve maximum productivity and safety at the same time, the best decision was made in the investment of the Teupen. The Teupen is a compact lift, and innovated to be lightweight and able to fit through tight fences and get to hard to reach spots. Stable and safer than other lifts, it can work on uneven grounds and reach heights over 70 feet. Customers also love the fact that is runs on tracks that leave little impression on the yard, if any at all.

True Cut has used the Teupen on many jobs this summer, and the company is still keeping busy now, in November - which, don't forget, it is now safe to prune your oaks!

Take a look below at the photos of a recent job done in Milford, MI, at a beautiful blue historic home, right outside downtown. While removing a dead tree, the crew started getting attacked by wasps that had a nest in one of the top limbs of the tree. In order to keep the crew safe, the Teupen was used to take care of the nest. Frank, used cans of spray to spray the nest. The spray didn't quite cut it, so he called his wife Liz, who was nice enough to bring a flame torch from home so Frank could incinerate the nest, and they could get on with the job safely.

So- you never know how handy having a lift might actually be!

Photography Credit to Liz Bankowski who does job site photography for us, and has for many years. It is a huge asset to our website, blog and marketing to get updated shots regularly. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring Is Finally Here! What Kind Of Things Can True Cut Tree Care Service Help Me With?

The weather is finally warming up and everybody will be heading outside cleaning up the yard and doing some landscaping. True Cut Tree Care can help with many things around your property to beautify the land, raise property value, or keeping your family and friends safe by removing dead limbs and trees.

True Cut Tree Care is a tree service based out of Farmington Hills, servicing the surrounding cities and now even expanding to Milford area. We specialize in tree removals, pruning and trimming, stump grinding, planting, lot clearing and more. Find even more information on our website, and keep updated with what's new through our social media. 

If you are working on cleaning up the trees on your property, we can prune out the dead which is very good for keeping your trees healthy and yourself safe from falling limbs. Elevating the limbs also helps the health of the tree and can be aesthetically pleasing, or even just useful if they are too low and get in the way. 

Removing dead trees keeps your property looking nice and clean, and True Cut promotes planting more trees in the event of removing dead ones, its good for our planet and air, and also raises your property value. That can be easy for some people, but if you want to plant trees that are larger in size, we are great to call and can give some insight on what trees will be good on your property and the advantages of certain trees over others. We are knowledgeable on trees and species that thrive under specific conditions.  And it doesn't hurt that we have strong guys and the right equipment to plant large trees easily on your property. 

We are fully insured and have a good reputation with all our clients. Our customers keep returning year after year because they trust us, and know what they will get when they hire us over the many other tree companies. To keep the good small businesses like ours running, please ask for insurance and weed out the imposters.

We offer free estimates where we will talk with you thoroughly about what you are looking for and give any advice if there are things you have not considered. We take every job very seriously and strive to keep our customers happy and cared for. 

If you have any questions at all, please give Frank a call at (248)79805909

Here's a photo of a job we did for the Huron Valley Hunt Club in Farmington. 
It was a historically old tree that had to be removed due to lightening and insect infestation, which is sad, but of course, had to be done. We are glad we were the ones trusted with the job.

Here are some recent photos of True Cut Tree Care at work!

True Cut Tree Service performs tree removals in Farmington, Farmington Hills, Livonia, Novi, Northville, West Bloomfield, Commerce, Bloomfield Hills, Milford, South Lyon, and many more surrounding cities.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

How Is Oak Wilt Affecting Trees In Michigan, and What Can Be Done To Prevent This Problem?

Oak wilt is a fungal disease that is becoming a problem with oak trees here in Michigan. It's most detrimental to red oaks, and any red oak variety. It's a terrible shame to have a lethal disease attacking some of our most prized and majestic trees, some of which can be 100 years old. These trees are an important part of our ecosystem and add lots of value to property, so there's many reasons to be careful with addressing an oak wilt problem quickly, and even taking many preventative measures if you happen to have oak trees on your property, especially of red oak variety. The white oaks are not as susceptible for reasons unbeknownst to me, but it wouldn't hurt to treat them the same.

Considering the value of oaks to Michigan, everyone must do their part in saving them. There's a rule to pruning oak trees in the fall and winter, which True Cut has always stood by and practices. You prune oaks when they are dormant to avoid an open wound that can potentially attract the insects that transmit this fungal infection. This is said to be the best way in battling this disease because the insects are less able to transmit the disease if there is no wound on the tree. If there happens to be a situation that makes cutting the tree unavoidable, or if there is damage done by a storm, sealing the cut or wound immediately with pruning paint is something you must do, or you might have a dead oak within a few months.

Another thing you can do is get the trees a fungicide injection. It can get a little pricey, but removing a dead tree will be extremely  costly and something none of us want to see happen.

An infected tree needs to be removed immediately, there is no saving it. There are things that need to be done to keep it from spreading if other oaks are close by. A several feet deep trench gets dug to stop the spread, if there are close oaks that could possibly have grafted roots. The proper removal of infected trees is also something that a knowledgeable company should be doing.

A lot of times homeowners are unaware of these things and let any willing company do work on their trees to save money, but its usually these companies that do not care about the wellbeing of your trees and will prune any time of the year if it gets them the job. Companies that are uninsured and not licensed don't usually have the knowledge of tree disease and prevention and if they don't care about being insured then they probably don't care if they do something that could be detrimental to our oak population. And that kind of pisses us off, because we'd much rather be taking care of LIVE trees, than removing dead ones.


If you think you might have a tree that is infected, or are interested in learning about some options in fungicide treatments if you have oaks on your property, please give Frank a call at (248) 798-5909.

And also call for information on when it'll be safe to prune those oaks. Til then, enjoy the beautiful sunny days of the beginning of Autumn!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What Does A Day On The Job Look Like? Answer - Take A Look At Us In Northville, Michigan....

It's just another summer day in Michigan for True Cut Tree Care's crew. Specifically Northville- a beautiful township with many beautiful homes and landscapes. On this particular job, True Cut Tree Care's owner Frank, crew and fleet  came to prune, trim and shape several trees on this property.

Take a look at some photos taken by our very own, on-call professional photographer of Liz B Photography. She's the best there is, for small businesses like us who utilize her services to get great photos to post on social media, our website and more!

Alex pruning a small tree carefully
And here's Frank, also taking his time to prune these trees carefully.....

...And more. Pruning young trees is very helpful to their growth and keeping them healthy,
as well as keeping them aesthetically pleasing to the eye and clean looking.
This is Justin using a pole saw to trim and shape these trees.

He's trimming the outside to give it an oval look, which cleans us the appearance and gives the yard a neatly trimmed landscape. 

Frank pruned and trimmed all the trees in the front yard

This beautiful property in Northville boasts a very neatly trimmed look and Frank takes careful consideration into making  even cuts  to give all the trees a consistent look.
This is one of the newest additions to True Cuts fleet. This large boom truck can take on very large trees and makes our arborist and owner, Frank, even more efficient.
The chipping is done as we go, and the clean up is simple as easy.

Another view to the back, where Justin continues to trim the tall, oval shaped trees.

So here's just a quick glance at that it may look like when we work at your house. We can take on as small or large of a job and have the crew and equipment to make us a professional and efficient tree service. Our friendly guys take pride in their work, and make long lasting customers and friends when we return year after year.

If you have tree work that needs to be done this summer, now is a great time to call for a free estimate and get any more information to the questions you may have.  We are a licensed, insured and highly reputable company and we are the company you hire that will put your mind at ease.

You can find reviews on many sites including Google, and we can even give references upon request.

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If you'd like more information or need a professional photographer for your business, please call or email Liz B Photography. Aside from portrait sessions, dance and special event photography, Liz has been working with many professional companies to get photos for web and print. She will travel throughout southeast Michigan, and even out of state for large jobs. She can offer herself at a day rate, or per job depending on the size. Call her at (248)497-9545 or email her at or
Liz B Photography
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Friday, March 13, 2015

Here's Some Advice - Don't Hire A Company Other Than True Cut Tree Care If You Care About Quality And Skill...

....Unless it's pruning something small like a fruit tree. Others might be capable of that...maybe. Not to sound over-confident, but it's just a fact that True Cut Tree Care has continued to not only grow year after year, but flourish... and it's mostly from repeat customers, and word of mouth. Our popularity and faithful customers comes as no accident, it's not luck...we've earned it, and have proven our dedication by treating every customer as a lifelong relationship, which is what we hope for. Even our competitors respect us...we've even had a few companies use us for the big boy jobs where they bit off a bit more than they could chew, so to speak. I won't say who... but it's happened more than once. We also have taken on jobs that were so hazardous they were turned down by every tree service that saw it. Not that our superb owner and climber, Frank Bankowski, wants to do hazardous jobs, tree removal is already one of the most dangerous jobs out there, even before you thrown in power lines, a dead rotted tree over your prized hydrangea bush and hanging over your roof, etc....he's just extremely skilled and competent. You can read a bit about his past experience on the website,, but just to give an example - he worked years ago dangling from a crane in the San Bernardino Mountains removing massive trees killed by pests. So needless to say, whether it's a climbing job or needing the use of a crane, you can be confident in using Tree Cut Tree Care, and that we know what we're doing...even if it is just pruning your fruit trees!

Here's a few photos from over the last year I'd like to share

So in conclusion, if you want to deal with a professional company, call Frank at (248)798-5909 to set up a free estimate. He will arrange a time to meet with you personally at the property and go over the job and what is involved so that you are comfortable.
True Cut Tree care works all over Metro Detroit, primarily in Farmington, Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Commerce, Walled Lake, Novi, Plymouth, Livonia...AND Frank and his family just recently moved their residence to the beautiful town of Milford! So we will gradually be taking more and more jobs out here and expanding even further!
Also coming soon...the next post will include some Go Pro Videos from Frank high up the trees!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Is Here! Time To Head Outside And Get Work Done!

Spring is finally here! It's the beginning of lots of gardening, landscaping, and tree work getting done around the Metro Detroit Area, and the best people to call for tree work: trimming and pruning, removals, storm damage and planting is TRUE CUT TREE CARE!
For great information on trimming and pruning trees, read this page on our website. It will tell you everything you need to know on the best times to trim and prune certain kinds of trees.
Early Spring is also a great time to plant certain trees.  We really try to promote planting native species here in Michigan, and we can help you choose the best options for your property. Planting native trees is very beneficial to our environment, to animals and us! Trees add value to your property, and clean the air of pollutants and do a lot that we take for granted. If trees die, its essential to everyone's safety to remove them, but we encourage replacing dead trees with at least 2 more!
This Spring we are also looking forward to getting some good use out of our new bucket truck. It's a huge asset to our company and makes the job safer, especially with dangerous removal, or hard to reach dead branches and limb that need pruning. Take a look at these photos of the new bucket truck at this recent job at a Church in Wayne County.

Bucket truck
Frank going up in the bucket, to  reach some dead branches in need of pruning.
Bucket Truck
Cutting out the dead makes things safer, and keeps beautiful trees healthy.

 We work all over Oakland and Wayne Counties, including West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Franklin, Beverly Hills,  Royal Oak, Ferndale, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Livonia, Novi, Commerce Twp, Detroit....and more. Just give us a call and we will promptly set up an estimate and give you a detailed explanation of the work needed.
Call (248) 798-5909 for more information and to set up your free estimate.
We get a lot of return customers and many, many referrals. We want our customers to be comfortable with the right decision to hire us, so don't hesitate to ask for references if you'd like! Keeping our customers happy is very important to us, whether the job is very small, or large. We care about the well being of people and their families, and taking care of your trees is a big part of that. Especially when disaster happens and you find yourself in a horrible situation with a tree on your house...which we hope doesn't happen, but sometimes unfortunately it does.

One more reason to take care of high risk trees to prevent this from happening to you:

Friday, January 11, 2013

Tree Care In The Winter: Call True Cut Tree Care!

Most people tend to forget about their trees in the winter, when it's grey and cold and nasty outside, but actually it is a very good time to trim and prune trees - especially oak trees, because this is the time they are dormant and it is less stress on the tree.

If you have a tree that is dead or dying, now is also a great time for you to call and set up a free estimate. A dying tree is a very dangerous liability for a homeowner and the sooner you get it taken care of the better. A lot of people try to wait, whether its for financial reasons, time constraints, they want to see if the tree bounces back...and well - we take credit, and in some cases can set up payment options, you don't have to be there on the day of the removal, and most likely if your tree is dying, there's not much you can do. If it rots out and gets worse, its only going to be more dangerous to remove (especially if there's a storm and falls over ) which will end up costing you even more. We will come out and go over in detail the work that would need to be done and how we will do it.

The crew at  True Cut Tree Care work all year long, the sleet and snow don't scare us off. We have the large equipment and machinery ready to do the worst of jobs, especially after an ice storm when the trees are fallen, or very hazardous to climb. Our large bucket truck makes a lot of tree jobs easier for us and safer for our customers. And we are licensed and insured with a large general liability policy and workman's comp, and we are highly experienced safe workers.

Call Frank at (248) 798-5909 to set up your free estimate!

True Cut Tree Care works all over the Metro Detroit area. Here are some of the cities we service:

Check us out on Facebook for updates and seasonal promotions! And let us know if you haven't received a flyer from us so you can get our coupons!


  • Hey Everybody! True Cut Tree Care urges everyone to plant a tree this year! Call us for advise on what kind of tree will work for your property!  And don't forget about ARBOR DAY this year, on April 26th!