Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Choosing a Tree Service

Some people out there won't even think about calling for tree service until something happens, or they have a dead  tree that needs to be removed. But to keep up the health of all your trees and shrubs, whether you do it yourself or call a tree service, all trees and shrubs need regular care and maintenance.

When the time comes to have to call a tree service, since there are so many how do you know the right one to call? Well, it won't be black and white so a little research will do you good.

  • First look up tree services on the internet in your area and see what pops up. Usually the most popular ones will come up first, and have a website. I wouldn't choose on this solely, because anyone can have a website, but at least they know that in this technological age people want to see photos of what your doing, what tree service equipment you have, etc. 
  • Look up reviews of tree services, and better yet if you have one in mind give them a call and ask for references. If the tree service does good work and keeps their customers happy they won't have any problem giving you several numbers.
  • Call a few tree services to come out and give quotes for your job. It might be tempting to just take the cheapest estimate right off the bat...but keep a few things in mind - If you have a hazardous removal and one small company quotes really low because he's desperate for work, but it will take him all day climbing and it will be more dangerous than a more reputable company may bid a little higher, but that's the cost of paying for expertise and he's bringing out a boom truck....that may add a little more to the cost but much safer. 
  • Ask for their insurance information and CALL them.
  • Many landscaping companies will try to get hired to remove trees, and will just hire a climber and pay them per job. You will not know who's coming to cut down your tree. If they have a in-house certified tree climber that's one thing, but make sure you know who's doing the actual removal if you do go this route. I may be a little biased but I think leave those dangerous jobs to the experienced professionals who SPECIALIZE in tree care/removals.