Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How Long To Wait Before You Prune Your Tree...

Pruning your trees should not be put off too long...you shouldn't wait until you have a giant dead limb hanging over your house before you decide to get it done. While trees are young, it's an easy job to do yourself, and is a good idea to make a habit of doing it every couple years. This is how you can start shaping the tree, early on. If you have an ornamental tree, there are different pruning options that are used for aesthetic purposes, to form the tree. Different forms include dwarfing, topiaries, and espaliers...which I will get more into depth at another time.

Once the tree is large, pruning is definitely something you want to leave to the professional. This can be a dangerous job, that also requires knowledge of care for your type of tree, etc.

There are several reasons to prune a tree:

  • To remove dead out of the tree - and any hazards
  • Reduce weight - especially important if you have a tree that is leaning one way, and this also encourages more air flow through the tree
  • Raise the canopy
  • Keeping the tree healthy - removing dead limbs allows the tree to direct it's energy where its needed most, in the LIVE limbs and leaves!
If you have a large oak tree, for example, in your backyard, and the limbs are hanging low....the foliage is so dense that no light gets through, and there's dead branches all over it, and sucker growth on the trunk - it's TIME to get that tree pruned! You will be pleasantly surprised at how great it will look when it's done you wil wonder why you didn't get it done sooner.  Removing the dead will make it look so much better, while making the tree healthier. Raising the canopy will not only lighten the weight of the tree, which is also helpful if you have storms (especially ice storms) but it will allow more light to get through, which is good for the tree as well. 
Here is an example of  a job True Cut did for this restaurant, pruning these pines, and raising the canopies. Before they were too low, and had not been trimmed in a while, and were blocking the view of the building. 

If you live in Southeast Michigan, do not hesitate to give us a call for any questions regarding tree care. We come out at no obligation to provide you with a free estimate. 
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