Monday, August 15, 2011

What is the problem with Cottonwood Trees in Michigan?

Cottonwood Trees, Populus deltoides (eastern cottonwood), are native to Oakland and Wayne Counties here in Michigan. It's a tree that grows fast and better in wetter soil, but is found all over now.

These trees can be a nuisance to a lot of people, especially in a suburban setting. Their white, fluffy, cotton-like seeds blow all over the place and can be annoying from getting on and in everything around. Contrary to popular thought though, the seeds have no allergenic properties.

Cottonwood trees are also known for dropping branches - one reason for this is to conserve water if it's too dry.  They are considered to have a softer wood that breaks easily in windy weather also. These are just another reason why cottonwoods are not the best trees to have around your house...but they are less of a problem if they are in a larger wooded area.

One other problem that these trees can cause for homeowners is their root system. The area around the base of the tree can push up the soil surrounding it from the root flair. The roots can be somewhat shallow, and should not be close to sidewalks or too close to your house. Another problem with having a shallower root system is that these trees can be uprooted easier than other trees that have deeper roots anchoring them in the soil.

Different trees have different issues they can bring on, or have to deal with , depending on it's particular location and environment. All of us at True Cut Tree Care hope to always care for trees and extend the life span of any healthy living tree whenever possible. Sometimes trees can grow in inconvenient places around our homes and cause problems, so if it is necessary to remove a tree on your property, please call us at (248) 798-5909 for a free estimate and we can discuss with you your options.

Here are some photos from a recent Cottonwood tree removal we did in West Bloomfield, Michigan.