Monday, October 24, 2011

True Cut Tree Care's Latest and Most Exciting Job This Season.....

This year we had the pleasure of doing business with a client we worked for last year who owns a large industrial  facility located  in Detroit. It makes us particularly proud to be a part of these projects started by the people at Milton Manufacturing Inc., because of what they are doing for the community close to their facilities. Last year we were hired to clear lots of abandoned run down houses, plant lots of native trees and plants; and this year we are pruning trees and cleaning up the trees along the part of I-75 that the company adopted.

Take a look at this article that tells all about what the people at Milton are doing!

Milton has bought up the vacant lots of the surrounding neighborhood and has made a success of their urban farming that provides fresh produce for residents in the community, that has been hit by  financial hardships.  There are flower and vegetable gardens, and they even raise chickens for eggs, among a few other animals being raised on this "urban farm".

Recently, True Cut Tree Care has been hired by them to also take part in cleaning up the trees along a stretch of I-75 that Milton has adopted.

Take a look at some photos from the job!