Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Cleaning, And What's New With True Cut Tree Care?

With the insanely mild winter and spring, True Cut Tree Care and homeowners all around are getting an early start and cleaning up dead trees on their property. We have been BUSY, no complaining here! We are getting WORK done! A great thing about getting any of those dead trees removed even soon than you may have been able to any other year is - more time to plant new stuff, and early spring is definitely a great time to plant!

And what's new with True Cut Tree Care? Well, within this year we added Workman's Comp to our insurance policy. There's lot of tree services out there without this, let alone any insurance at all. We definitely encourage our customers, as well as anyone, to do an insurance check , on any company doing work for you or on your property. You have too much at stake, and this is definitely something we are proud to provide for ourselves as well as our customers. It's just another precaution we take.

Take a look at some new photos we have of an EXTREMELY dead removal, done in Farmington Hills, MI.
This is basically a great photo timeline of what any dead removal might look like, we make it look easy, and it's done clean, with no problems!