Monday, August 20, 2012

End of Summer...What Are We Up To?.....Doing Tree WORK!

Here at True Cut Tree Care, we have our hands full every day from morning til night from spring to fall pruning trees, removing dead trees, and everything in between. Don't worry - we still work in the winter, but it's more of selling seasoned firewood, and removing and cleaning up ice storm damaged trees and fallen trees.
Now that it's the end of  summer, it's a great time to prune and trim any of those trees that bloomed in the spring, and as fall approaches,  planting is in full gear! Unlike what many people may think, fall is usually one of the best times for planting.
 For the trees that shrubs that bloomed in the summer, winter is actually the best time to prune and trim them - and WE should be your first call, whether you are in Farmington, Livonia, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Novi, Detroit...etc...

True Cut Tree Care is one of the best and most popular tree services in the whole Metro Detroit and surrounding areas. We are fully insured, with a million dollar liability policy and workman's comp. We are hired by return residential customers year after year, and their friends and family who refer us to them. We are also hired by prestigious companies in the Detroit area doing major commercial work on their properties, and are adding many to our client list every year.

 So CALL (248) 798-5909 for a free estimate! And you will be happy that you didn't hire the guy in the hooptie ride with the ladder and sawzall! WE are nothing but professional.