Friday, October 19, 2012

Topping is Bad For Trees - Don't Do It.

Topping Trees is a very bad technique used by people who are probably not qualified or educated enough to be caring or cutting your trees. This technique is done for several reasons, all of which are not worth the risk or what topping actually does to your tree. 

Here is why people top trees -
  • To stump the growth of the tree because they think it is getting too large for their property, or storefront.
  • They think it is posing a hazard getting too tall by their house. 
IN FACT....topping a tree causes more of a hazard because you have just completely weakened the tree as the leaves are its main "food factories" and cutting them all off temporarily starves the tree.
Topping is bad for the tree because
  • It stresses the tree
  • Causes decay and the tree is not strong enough to fight off bugs and insects
  • Tree gets too much sun, and causes bark split and damage to tissue under the bark. This can cause death to some limbs. 
  • In long term - topping can kill the whole tree
There are proper techniques qualified tree workers and arborists use to trim back some height or spread of the tree, or simply elevating the tree can be great in some situations also. 

True Cut Tree Care has a lot of respect for trees, as well as for our customers, and if someone hired US to do that - we would try to suggest alternative solutions for what they need or want, and explain the problems of tree topping. 

If you are the victim of tree topping, like these folks here in Farmington, MI....
We are very sorry. 

Please contact  True Cut Tree Care for a free estimate from a qualified tree service. 
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