Friday, March 13, 2015

Here's Some Advice - Don't Hire A Company Other Than True Cut Tree Care If You Care About Quality And Skill...

....Unless it's pruning something small like a fruit tree. Others might be capable of that...maybe. Not to sound over-confident, but it's just a fact that True Cut Tree Care has continued to not only grow year after year, but flourish... and it's mostly from repeat customers, and word of mouth. Our popularity and faithful customers comes as no accident, it's not luck...we've earned it, and have proven our dedication by treating every customer as a lifelong relationship, which is what we hope for. Even our competitors respect us...we've even had a few companies use us for the big boy jobs where they bit off a bit more than they could chew, so to speak. I won't say who... but it's happened more than once. We also have taken on jobs that were so hazardous they were turned down by every tree service that saw it. Not that our superb owner and climber, Frank Bankowski, wants to do hazardous jobs, tree removal is already one of the most dangerous jobs out there, even before you thrown in power lines, a dead rotted tree over your prized hydrangea bush and hanging over your roof, etc....he's just extremely skilled and competent. You can read a bit about his past experience on the website,, but just to give an example - he worked years ago dangling from a crane in the San Bernardino Mountains removing massive trees killed by pests. So needless to say, whether it's a climbing job or needing the use of a crane, you can be confident in using Tree Cut Tree Care, and that we know what we're doing...even if it is just pruning your fruit trees!

Here's a few photos from over the last year I'd like to share

So in conclusion, if you want to deal with a professional company, call Frank at (248)798-5909 to set up a free estimate. He will arrange a time to meet with you personally at the property and go over the job and what is involved so that you are comfortable.
True Cut Tree care works all over Metro Detroit, primarily in Farmington, Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Commerce, Walled Lake, Novi, Plymouth, Livonia...AND Frank and his family just recently moved their residence to the beautiful town of Milford! So we will gradually be taking more and more jobs out here and expanding even further!
Also coming soon...the next post will include some Go Pro Videos from Frank high up the trees!


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