Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What Does A Day On The Job Look Like? Answer - Take A Look At Us In Northville, Michigan....

It's just another summer day in Michigan for True Cut Tree Care's crew. Specifically Northville- a beautiful township with many beautiful homes and landscapes. On this particular job, True Cut Tree Care's owner Frank, crew and fleet  came to prune, trim and shape several trees on this property.

Take a look at some photos taken by our very own, on-call professional photographer of Liz B Photography. She's the best there is, for small businesses like us who utilize her services to get great photos to post on social media, our website and more!

Alex pruning a small tree carefully
And here's Frank, also taking his time to prune these trees carefully.....

...And more. Pruning young trees is very helpful to their growth and keeping them healthy,
as well as keeping them aesthetically pleasing to the eye and clean looking.
This is Justin using a pole saw to trim and shape these trees.

He's trimming the outside to give it an oval look, which cleans us the appearance and gives the yard a neatly trimmed landscape. 

Frank pruned and trimmed all the trees in the front yard

This beautiful property in Northville boasts a very neatly trimmed look and Frank takes careful consideration into making  even cuts  to give all the trees a consistent look.
This is one of the newest additions to True Cuts fleet. This large boom truck can take on very large trees and makes our arborist and owner, Frank, even more efficient.
The chipping is done as we go, and the clean up is simple as easy.

Another view to the back, where Justin continues to trim the tall, oval shaped trees.

So here's just a quick glance at that it may look like when we work at your house. We can take on as small or large of a job and have the crew and equipment to make us a professional and efficient tree service. Our friendly guys take pride in their work, and make long lasting customers and friends when we return year after year.

If you have tree work that needs to be done this summer, now is a great time to call for a free estimate and get any more information to the questions you may have.  We are a licensed, insured and highly reputable company and we are the company you hire that will put your mind at ease.

You can find reviews on many sites including Google, and we can even give references upon request.

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