Thursday, November 9, 2017

The New Addition to True Cut Tree Care - The Teupen Lift!

True Cut Tree Care has been at the top of the tree industry game here in the Metro Detroit area for some time now, recently expanding to the Milford area, and every year adding and changing equipment to keep up with today's standards. Although True Cut is a small, 2nd generation tree climber owned business, the company has managed to be one of the most trusted in the area. In order to achieve maximum productivity and safety at the same time, the best decision was made in the investment of the Teupen. The Teupen is a compact lift, and innovated to be lightweight and able to fit through tight fences and get to hard to reach spots. Stable and safer than other lifts, it can work on uneven grounds and reach heights over 70 feet. Customers also love the fact that is runs on tracks that leave little impression on the yard, if any at all.

True Cut has used the Teupen on many jobs this summer, and the company is still keeping busy now, in November - which, don't forget, it is now safe to prune your oaks!

Take a look below at the photos of a recent job done in Milford, MI, at a beautiful blue historic home, right outside downtown. While removing a dead tree, the crew started getting attacked by wasps that had a nest in one of the top limbs of the tree. In order to keep the crew safe, the Teupen was used to take care of the nest. Frank, used cans of spray to spray the nest. The spray didn't quite cut it, so he called his wife Liz, who was nice enough to bring a flame torch from home so Frank could incinerate the nest, and they could get on with the job safely.

So- you never know how handy having a lift might actually be!

Photography Credit to Liz Bankowski who does job site photography for us, and has for many years. It is a huge asset to our website, blog and marketing to get updated shots regularly.